Walk with us at Spartan Martial Arts and you will find a fantastic, purpose-built, modern and local gym with access to some of the highest level training in the world. With Stillwater’s own Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Tom Schmitz as head instructor and owner you are in good hands. At Spartan Martial Arts we believe the success of your training  is heavily dependent on your environment and training partners.

We will not tell you who you are, but we will show you what you can become.

Spartan Martial Arts will help you achieve your dreams, both big and small. So, be the best that you can be and experience the joys of the martial arts lifestyle for yourself!




Spartan Martial Arts

 is the number one choice of training facilities in the twin cities area, located in Oakdale just off of interstate 694.


Our training center is equip with over 2500 square feet of zebra mats, striking bags, kettle bells, Thai pads and mitts.  Brand new Olympic weights The training center has multi changing rooms, plenty of spectators seating and a pro shop.

Our goal at Spartan Martial Arts is to create and maintain the highest quality training facility the Midwest has to offer.

We strive to provide athletes, fitness enthusiasts and martial arts enthusiasts the means to excel at their own personal goals, while maintaining a safe, positive and healthy environment.




Brock Larson

Tom is awesome he help me from ground zero to the top always on his own time never made a dime off of me but always made time for me and my dreams he is a big part of my UFC WEC success Tom is true and passionate of the art!! I've learned more then just Mma and jiu jitsu from Tom! Life and how sweet it is thanks Tom for all you've done for me!!


-Former UFC FIghter Brock Larson


Nick "The Goat" Thompson

Jiu-jitsu is a dynamic, fluid and constantly evolving sport.  Success requires that one be able to transition from position to position, from submission to submission. It is this nature that makes jiu-jitsu

difficult to learn.  There is no one answer.  For every counter, there is a re-counter.  Tom has an uncanny ability to breakdown the nuances of each position so that students learn how to move from position to

position.  Training under him helped me to become a well-rounded, complete grappler.



"Spartan martial arts opened the doors one year ago this may. It is a great gym to train at, with everything equipment wise needed to train efficiently in Muay Thai/kickboxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu. The atmosphere in the gym is like nothing I've ever experienced before in any other gyms. Head instructor and gym owner Tom Schmitz does a very good job of keeping a good blend of professionalism and friendly teaching styles which makes it fun and easy to learn from him. Not a day of training goes by that I don't have a smile on my face during class. "


"Spartan Martial Arts is the best thing I've joined since the Army! A real family atmosphere, everyone is humble, egos are checked at the door and everyone wants to help each other get better. One of the greatest aspects of the gym is the non fighters, guys who come for the Jui-Jitsu class and don't compete, help us(MMA fighters) tremendously. They always give pointers and stay after late and help us get fight ready. The greatest thing about Coach is it can be a room full of people but he still has the unique ability to individualize your personal game and point out things to develop you. Whether its Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, grappling, or jitz, coach always has the right tip, advice or instruction for YOU. Definitely an honor to be apart of Team Spartan and have Tom as my Coach. I wouldn't be close to the fighter I am without his guidance and coaching."


"I was first told of Spartan Martial Arts by one of the students there. He advised me to try out a class Tom offered and I found I really enjoyed it! Living in Duluth, I come to visit in the Twin Cities area and always make it priority to take a class there. The gym is clean and the environment is non-threatening. I always have fun! Tom does a great job at teaching and explaining technical moves, making the learning process easy for everyone. I would highly recommend anyone in the Twin Cities metro area to check out this facility for a great workout and high level Martial Art training!"


I have trained at a few different schools and have attended seminars buy some of the best jiujitsu practitioners in the world. Tom schmitz jiujitsu is second to none. He has a great ability to break the game down to the smallest detail to make sure you have complete understanding of his techniques. The mentality of the gym is very much a place where we all learn together and egos are checked at the door and everyone is welcome. Anyone from a very casual practitioner to someone wanting to compete at the highest level will benefit from Tom Schmitz and Team Spartan.

Jake Anderson

Tom has helped me lose 70lbs over the last 3 years.  Jiu- jitsu has changed my outlook on me and life in general.  Bjj is a great stress reliever, after a long day of work and life, I come to the gym and train, which helps me see these things in a different light and I always leave refreshed.


• Over 2500 Square ft. of Zebra mats

• Mated walls

• Kettle bells

• Training pads

• Tons of Brand New Training Equipment

• Private Locker Rooms

• Bleachers for spectator seating

• Separate Pro-Shop

• Clean Multi rest rooms

• Two Different training rooms

• Convenient location (right off of 694)

• Kids Play area

• Personal Training options

• Family Lounge area




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Spartan Martial Arts


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