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Former UFC FIghter - Nick "The Goat" Thompson

Jiu-jitsu is a dynamic, fluid and constantly evolving sport.  Success requires that one be able to transition from position to position, from submission to submission. It is this nature that makes jiu-jitsu

difficult to learn.  There is no one answer.  For every counter, there is a re-counter.  Tom has an uncanny ability to breakdown the nuances of each position so that students learn how to move from position to position.  Training under him helped me to become a well-rounded, complete grappler.


Tom has helped me lose 70lbs over the last 3 years.  Jiu- jitsu has changed my outlook on me and life in general.  Bjj is a great stress reliever, after a long day of work and life, I come to the gym and train, which helps me see these things in a different light and I always leave refreshed.

Customer happiness is the greatest reward



Former UFC FIghter - Brock Larson

Tom is awesome he help me from ground zero to the top always on his own time never made a dime off of me but always made time for me and my dreams he is a big part of my UFC WEC success Tom is true and passionate of the art!! I've learned more then just Mma and jiu jitsu from Tom! Life and how sweet it is thanks Tom for all you've done for me!!


"I was first told of Spartan Martial Arts by one of the students there. He advised me to try out a class Tom offered and I found I really enjoyed it! Living in Duluth, I come to visit in the Twin Cities area and always make it priority to take a class there. The gym is clean and the environment is non-threatening. I always have fun! Tom does a great job at teaching and explaining technical moves, making the learning process easy for everyone. I would highly recommend anyone in the Twin Cities metro area to check out this facility for a great workout and high level Martial Art training!"

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